The Main Problems That Can Occur When Watching Netflix

Although Netflix is the best TV streaming service available, it is not perfect. These minor irritations may even be keeping you from subscribing to Netflix. All of the Netflix problems you could have, though, have fixes.

Netflix is frequently criticized for things like content that abruptly disappears or continually pauses during playback, poor recommendations for what to watch next, trailers that automatically play, and more.

In this article, we are going to talk about the most common issues with Netflix and how to solve them. 

Geolocation restrictions

We begin with the most annoying yet the easiest to fix problem with Netflix. Some series and movies can be unavailable in certain locations. Netflix streaming can be prohibited as well. To get online movies unblocked in your area, you can install VPN software on your device. By changing your location online, you can unblock Netflix and stream the movies with no restrictions. If you want to choose the right service for your devices, VeePN is one of the best VPN providers available. You can start with a free trial and see if this VPN fits you before actually paying for it. 

Poor Netflix suggestions

As with any other streaming website, Netflix suggests what to watch next based on your preferences. It can be challenging to exert proper control on your recommendations, but there are certain strategies to have an impact. Your ratings, the ratings of others who have your likes, and the videos you’ve watched are used to determine the suggestions.

Netflix once had a more complex five-star rating system, but these days you may only say if you liked anything or not. No matter if you’ve viewed a Netflix movie or not, you may still do this with any of their offerings.

To do this, simply click the thumbs-up or -down icon while hovering over the headline. By doing this, Netflix will receive your feedback, which it will use to inform its recommendation algorithm.

Low quality and slow loading speed

The most frequent cause of this problem is a poor Internet connection. If you use a shared network, this is a typical issue. Check your internet speed using specialized software to verify if it is sufficient to receive SD or HD quality. After that, you must restart your network, modem, or device. Unplug the modem or router for one minute, then plug them back in. Make sure there are no obstructions near your router that can interfere with a connection.

If your router is outdated, you may need to replace it or set up a new Wi-Fi network that can accommodate all the gadgets in your home. To determine whether your router is the issue, try connecting straight to the modem from your ISP.

Streaming with VPN can also cause such problems. To avoid that, you need to choose the optimal location. Providers like VeePN offer a wide range of locations so using a VPN will have a minimum effect on your streaming speed.

In some cases, switching from cellular to Wi-Fi is necessary to see if the problem is fixed. Sometimes starting the app requires altering a connectivity form.

Netflix app crashes

This one is quite annoying, however, the solution is fairly simple. You must first restart an app on your smartphone (phone, Smart TV, etc.). Let’s try removing an app, rebooting a device, and then reinstalling Netflix to see if it helps. Logging out and back in again is a frequent remedy for the issue of “Why is Netflix not functioning on my smart TV?” Perhaps you missed some crucial updates, and as a result, your Smart TV device can no longer use the app.

The content doesn’t load on mobile and tablet devices

This is a common problem with smartphones and tablets. Make sure you have the most recent OS release and the Netflix app before attempting to fix the issue. You can also encounter these problems if your smartphone is rooted or jailbroken. Check to see if there is enough space on your device to download and view any episode or movie.

If none of the advice in this guide has been helpful, you should call or chat with the help desk to obtain assistance from the experts. Usually, it takes them five minutes to answer.

Other problems with Netflix

Now that you know how to unlock Netflix regions, let’s pay attention to less frequent problems with streaming content on Netflix.

  • Black screen. Clearing the cache or removing Netflix cookies will fix black screens that happen when watching videos. For Windows users, uninstalling Silverlight might be necessary before the issue can be totally fixed.
  • Netflix not starting on Xbox. On Xbox One, fixing corrupted Netflix installations is a little different than on PS4. Before turning on their console again, users should turn it off and wait at least 30 seconds. This will fix a lot of Netflix launch issues.
  • Unexpected closing on different devices. Unspecified error codes may cause connected devices to terminate Netflix. Deactivate Netflix on the device if it frequently occurs. It will behave like a brand-new installation after being reactive.

Wrapping up

These were the most frequent Netflix problems and the solutions are straightforward but efficient. Happy streaming!

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