Top Instagram Follower Increasing Strategies

You spend a lot of time brainstorming the ideas for the content in your Instagram reels. Instagram reels take up not only your ideas but also your efforts. After hours of editing and re-editing, you create your masterpiece. You make sure your creativity reaches the whole world by clicking the “post”.

A few minutes later, your friends, family, and followers like and comment on your post. But did you actually reach the audience you intended for? Maybe you did, perhaps you didn’t. But let me ask, doesn’t your effort and hard work deserve the biggest audience?

Well, how to get new Instagram followers might be a problem. Don’t worry. I got you! Here’s a guide to increasing Instagram followers and making your work reach a bigger audience than you had before.

Follow these 12 steps to increase Instagram followers of your account.

1. Modify your Bio! Beautify your Bio!

Check your Insta bio now! What is it? Your name? Your birthdate? Or is it blank? “Bio” is meant for a purpose. Did you know you have a character limit of about 150 characters in your bio? Use those 150 characters to share your vision, your mission, and your ideology. It’s a bonding link between you and your Instagram followers.

Your bio is all about you. People create their opinions about you based on your bio. So, share your information in your bio wisely.

A few must-haves that new Instagram followers would definitely check out:

  • Your profession. This ounce of information talks a lot about you and your personality.
  • Are you a dog or cat lover or simply an animal lover? Do your friends call you a fashion diva? Mention them in your bio. These little things will attract them to you.
  • What is your purpose? What do you dislike about the world? What changes do you believe in? Mention them all.
  • The only link you can provide in your bio is a gateway to you and your values. So, put the link which depicts your personality better. Some businesses provide only one link. That one link helps their audience reach all different links. So, if you have trouble selecting one link. You can go for this fantastic option.

2. Post your work when the world is active 

Did you know there are some hours when most of your Instagram followers scroll through their accounts? Yes! When your followers are online, that’s the best time to post your work. 

So, how can you know when most of your followers are online? Let me guide you with that. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your ‘Instagram profile’.
  2. Click on ‘Insights’.
  3. Go to ‘Your Audience’ 
  4. Click ‘see all’

In the bottom section, you can check at what time most of your followers are online.

Plus, don’t just mindlessly upload your post. Upload them at a time that best suits the post like if you want people to buy your product, don’t upload it during work hours; instead, upload it at the time you are sure people will go shopping. 

3. Consistency is the key

The consistency in posting your content helps you increase your Instagram followers. So, try posting more frequently. But posting more frequently does not mean you will reduce the quality of the content. Keep in mind that your Instagram followers are here for your content. Plus, you have Instagram scheduling tools. It helps you schedule your posts.

4. Learn the system, Rock the system 

When you are scrolling, your feed is filled with the content that you like and that interests you.  The same goes for other users. There are six things that ensure that the Instagram post is likely to be visible in other users’ feed

  1. User’s previous activity
  2. How latest is the post?
  3. The frequency of the user to operate the app
  4. The accounts that the person follows
  5. The time spent 

5. Push yourself, push your content

Instagram is no longer just about photos; it is more about reels. Reels are a new feature, and even Instagram loves them. We can see a small reel icon on the menu bar. Even the reels are shown wider than photos on our explore page.

IGTV is another new feature, and it allows you to post content that is longer than 60 seconds.

But, if the user’s previous activity is more with the photos, they are more likely to see the images. Likewise, if the user has interacted more with reels, they are more likely to see the reels more.

Including Instagram stories has its own advantages in social media marketing.

Therefore, create all types of content. It lets you reach people with diverse interests. 

 6. Flex your personality to grow your followers 

Your brand and account are more about you and your morals than your work. So, be mindful that you definitely flex your good side.  So, are you nurturing? Or are you helpful? Your Instagram account should show your personality precisely the way you actually carry yourself. Your own voice is all you need to increase Instagram followers.

7. Your Caption, Your story

Did you know that your captions can be up to 2,200 characters long? So, try using different lengths of captions. Understand whether your post would look good with a small caption or a larger one. The caption doesn’t need to be too long or too short. It should just pair well with your content. Concoct your post with a memorable caption because words have power. Your caption is a part of your story that helps you expand your Instagram followers.

Try adding keywords in captions, as they will help you appear if those keywords are searched for.

8. More Hashtags, More Instagram followers

Hashtags are pretty important on your Instagram. The hashtags let the content have a wider exposure. Plus, a wider audience would lead to an increase in Instagram followers. So, try using appropriate hashtags to expose your content more.

Display Purposes and Autohash are some Instagram tools that help you find hashtags that would suit your content.

9. Know your followers

Just because you have likes and comments from the users doesn’t necessarily mean they follow you. It would help if you made your audience participate. How to make them participate? Well, put some questions in your captions that allow people to answer them or put some poll stories. Don’t simply suit their needs with your content. Interact with them.

10. Collaborations

Collaborations are an excellent method that lets you grow your Instagram followers. Collaborations allow both the involved parties to increase Instagram followers.

Bonus point! The people you collaborate with again and again influence you or your brand image. It again indirectly portrays the values, vision, and mission you want to share.

11. Stop their hunt

Stop letting your people hunt you down. Instead, provide your Instagram link on every social media platform, be it your mail, website, or other social media handles.

12. Record the response

Make a note of how your Instagram followers react. Try to note their reaction to posting at a specific time or using a particular hashtag. Try to understand whether they are a trend follower or a trend creator. To increase Instagram followers, try to decipher their responses and act accordingly.

Wrapping Up

Instagram marketing might not seem like the hardest nut to crack, but it is the one that requires strategy and tactics. It provides a challenge but also promises an increased number of Instagram followers and wider exposure to your content. The above guidelines would definitely help you increase the Instagram followers of your account. So, keep embarking on this journey despite the hardships since the potential for success is right around the corner.


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