The Ultimate Plan to Take Your YouTube Marketing to The Next Level (Working in 2023 Too)

In this digital era, where Youtubers are making much more than an average employee, the majority of people are looking for a passive income through YouTube. According to research, globally, around 250 million hours of videos are watched per day, around 3 million hours of videos are uploaded per hour a day, and YouTube Shorts is even taking over TikTok, as reported by SocialMarketing90.

But wait, that is not all! Hear me out: YouTube is the 2nd most visited website on the planet, with more than 15 billion views per month. However, being the 2nd most popular platform, approximately 55% of the marketers and agencies use YouTube as their core platform for social media marketing.

Honestly, once in a while, we all have tried to give a shot at YouTube videos, but most of us ended the attempts because we had no views and reach. Some people made it big, but we always wondered how they did that and how they ended up with thousands of views and a successful channel.

How Can You Make It Big?

It would be best if you started from scratch to make a brand out of your channel. The basics such as channel name, icon, description, trailer, links, and even URL matter a lot.

The channel name must be relevant to the kind of content that you create. Furthermore, it must be linked to every video that you post so that it can effortlessly establish a consistent presence.

An attractive channel icon is what sets you apart from basic channels; having the right mix of colors and a YouTube-specific sized picture is essential as it will be the permanent image portrayal of your channel.

Your channel description is important as it is linked with the search engine. Defining briefly what exactly is that you do will help your channel move up the visibility ladder. Including only relevant words is the key to success in this line.

If you need maximum visibility, you must pay YouTube to display your channel advertisement before or in between relevant videos. To make this work, you need to make your ad extremely precise and easily retainable. 

By presenting useful keywords and content specifications, the targeted audience will know what the channel is about and what kind of videos they will find there. Are you willing to learn more about YouTube marketing? Keep reading the article! 

What is YouTube Marketing, and Why Do You Need It?

YouTube marketing is the promotion and marketing of content mostly for monetization purposes. YouTube is a huge platform, and you need certain intelligent ways and tools to make an impact or show your presence. Not only can you make money off your videos but also from advertisements. 

People tend to retain information better after watching a video rather than reading something. The primary source of income for YouTubers is a business advertisement, and businesses choose channels after carefully and statistically analyzing the reach, views, and presence on YouTube. 

You need YouTube Marketing for your channel and a channel’s components view, watch hours, and subscribers to grab more attention to get better opportunities. Talking about YouTube Marketing, LENOS is one of the best in the game, with organic and genuine sources.

Why do you Need LENOS as Your YouTube Marketing Source?

Unlike the usual YouTube marketers, LENOS (at lets you grab a better-quality audience with safer traffic sources instead of the fake and made-up profiles, which not only bring your quality of viewership down but can also be a parasite to your channel, causing demonetization. 

Do you think getting low-quality views will help you achieve what you want? Honestly, the last thing you want is your content or advertisement to appear in front of someone who doesn’t understand it. LENOS provides you with real and English views by targeting audiences who live in English-speaking countries.

Furthermore, LENOS allows your YouTube ad to appear in places that you desire. Have your YouTube Ad displayed where you think the user will find it useful? Most marketers use 3 seconds botted view, whereas LENOS gives a good 20 minutes botted view to build up the view time.

Views aren’t the only thing that helps you build your channel and monetize it, and LENOS has the perfect service for original content creators, which can give you about 4000 hours of view time and help you enable monetization. The massive view time consists of relevant viewers who are statistically targeted for your product.

Say that you are a vlogger and not a graphics expert. Hiring a professional graphic designer will cost you a fortune and on the other hand, having freelancers to work for you brings along the risk of quality and time efficiency. The video’s transitions, introductions, and ending graphic themes are as important as the content. 

You don’t want to set off a viewer with a terrible intro, lagging transitions, and abrupt outros. LENOS has free animations and graphics available for its clients to overcome the burden of graphic designing. 

YouTube SEO and its Easy Solution

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and in layman’s words, it is the method to make your content appear more with the help of keywords. For a more technical understanding, SEO is the process of receiving higher traffic by natural means such as keywords, search results, link buildings, and page optimizations.

A general example of SEO would be if you have a food-related product and it is not visible in the top videos on YouTube. To bring your video up on the line, you must use keywords in your title and description that are most searched when people search for a food video. 

Editing your videos` content and tags will help your video make it to the top, but doesn’t this sound like a very complicated task? That is precisely what LENOS is here for, helping you to reach unimaginable heights of channel reach by providing you SEO solutions at an affordable price. These solutions include keyword strategy and backlink sharing.

Final Thoughts 

Even though YouTube Marketing is essential for a successful channel and more views, it is not a relatively easy task. Understanding the technicalities will lead you to high points, but LENOS is your ultimate savior if you are having trouble with it. 

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