Trollishly Guide: How to Use TikTok For Musicians?

Over the past few years, brands have grown tremendously using TikTok. It has created a lasting impact on the music industry. TikTok is a vital promotional tool for musicians and singers. It has taken past the app and made its presence in 2016. The audience initially believed that the app was similar to Later on, with its dynamics, the app has helped more with brand promotions and marketing. Undoubtedly, the app has taken the music industry to the next level. If you are a musician who wants to become popular in a quick time, you can buy tiktok shares that boost your online visibility. 

TikTok And Music

In general, songs give organic rise to your videos on TikTok. As a video-sharing platform, TikTok is none without music and songs. Music is the soul of TikTok. Even the TikTok algorithm will recognize your video if you include the trending songs. As the TikTok audience is mostly GenZ and the younger generation has more traction towards music, the music Instagrammers can quickly post videos. The inclusion of music and songs will make the young audience perform duets and challenges on TikTok. 

TikTok music is not so similar compared to the beginning stage of TikTok. The suggestions given by TikTok and the top trends in the music library of TikTok have varied so much. The algorithm will make music stay on top of the music library based on the number of likes, views, audience engagement rate, popularity, etc. With the new albums released in the industry, TikTok will grab on it and make it available for the video creators. It is not alone the music that enhances your fame; when the music and video merge and rock in TikTok, you will see the magical results. 

TikTok Musician’s Account

Like regular accounts, TikTok musicians may start their musical journey by creating a TikTok account. Follow the simple steps to begin your TikTok account, 

  • Go to the Google play store and download the app. Log in or sign up with email, Facebook, or other social media accounts. 
  • Now you can customize your profile. Keep a short username and add a 2 line bio representing that you are a musician. 
  • Get ready to showcase your talents with TikTok videos. 

The other option is that you can make your songs available on the TikTok music library with third-party apps. TikTok allows you to distribute the songs so that the audience will make use of them for their videos. You can upload a part of the song for your fans to use. Once TikTok approves the song, it will be on Live. 

Tips To Promote Your Music On TikTok

  1. Post Cover Versions

Cover songs have hit TikTok as a storm. It is one of the most accessible content on TikTok. Cover songs usually drive the listeners and make a song their personal favorite. You can enhance the exposure of your music, which is already fan-favorites. As a simple musician, you need a simple recording set-up, a good camera, and excellent music content in hand. 

  1. Collaborate And Perform Music

You can collaborate with other TikTok musicians and shall perform music. Duet is the most popular trend on TikTok done by all the musicians. With collaborations, you can provide creative and engaging content for your audience. If you want to boost your reputation, you can try using Trollishly and upbeat the competition. You can also make your fans perform duets with you. 

  1. Behind-The-Scenes Music Video

Musicians can gain followers by posting unreleased preview song tracks. The audience will be eager to see what’s happening behind the recording room or the process. If you put your funny videos in the recording room, you may have a higher chance of reaching new audiences. 

  1. Music Tutorials

Musicians need to post regularly to maintain their audience base. So you may feel fewer contents are available in the music videos. So get inspiring ideas from other creators. Even you may start with a music tutorial video where anybody interested in music can learn. Moreover, if you are planning to make your video stand on top of the exploring page, then you can opt to use Trollishly and amplify your engagement. 

  1. Measure Your TikTok Journey

As music videos are more confusing, you must document your journey on TikTok. Keep the analytics and analyze which music video goes best on your journey. You may not repeat the same music in your videos by keeping on the metrics. For example, some musicians will provide instrumental for the songs from the cinema. Those people should be more careful with the repetition. 


As an artist, it is always twofold: You can promote your music, or else you can show your personality. If you give both actions, then it will build your fan base. We hope the article discusses every point on how to become a successful TikTok musician. We Hope you follow the above points in the upcoming posts. Thanks for reading! Happy TikTok music journey

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