Make Editable PDF Files On Your Phone

PDF files have a portable nature as they are designed in that way. If you have to edit or manipulate a PDF file then its portable nature can be annoying for you. In the past, it was extremely difficult for users to edit PDF files on computers let alone on their phones. But today PDF editing has become very easy and this is all thanks to online PDF converter applications.

The best way to edit PDF files is by converting them into an editable format. Today PDF conversion has become very much possible and this is all thanks to modern converter apps. If you have never used a PDF file converter app or made an editable PDF file on your phone then you need to read this article. In this post, you would find the best platforms that can help you make editable PDF files on your mobile.

Best way to create editable PDF files on the phone.

One of the most famous editable formats is MS word. If you want to edit your PDF files then the ideal format in which you have to change them is in Word/Docx. Below we have discussed the most popular and helpful ways that can help you make an editable format on your mobile. 

Take help from Google drive

To make a PDF file editable you can easily take help from Google drive. The process is quite simple if you already hold an account with Google. If you have never used drive for this purpose then we would suggest you follow the procedure discussed below. 

Open the Google Drive application on your mobile. On the main interface of the drive, you would see the ‘+’ button. You need to click on the add icon for creating a new folder, Google docs file, slides, sheets, or for uploading files from your local storage. 

By clicking on the upload button you would be directed to your loc storage. From here you have to select the PDF file that you want to make editable. Once the file has been uploaded on Google drive you need to click on the three dots that you see on the folder.

A new list would appear on your screen from where you can choose your desired option. In this popup list, you are going to see the ‘open with’ option. Click on this option and see the options offered by drive. In the ‘open with’ menu you would find options to open the file with Google docs or MS Word. Select on the word/Docx icon for changing the PDF file into an editable format. The editable document would open on your screen. You can make changes as per requirements and can easily save the file again in PDF.

Use online PDF converter application

Uploading and changing PDF files on Google Drive is easy but it can take a lot of your time. It can also slow down your mobile especially if you are using a device with a low processor. If you don’t want to spend time in manual conversion technique then we would suggest you try the automatic converters.

There are more than hundreds of different PDF to word converter applications that you can find on the store of your device. You just have to pick the best app like the “PDF Converter – PDF to Word” app. To change your PDF files with these apps all you have to first install them, and then follow the process discussed below.

Once you open the PDF file converter app on your device you would see multiple conversion options. Usually, the PDF converter apps allow you to change images to PDF, PDF to image, PDF to Word, PDF to zipping, PDF to text, and many more. All you have to do is pick the conversion type that you want to make. Of course, to make the PDF editable on your phone you would have to select either from PDF to word or PDF to text conversion options. 

Once you select the conversion option you would be required to upload the PDF file that you want to make editable. The PDF to word converter app would have integrations with your local document gallery so you can easily upload the PDF file from there.

After uploading the PDF file you simply have to click on the ‘convert’ option and wait for the app to change your file. Once the conversion is made you can easily download the file on your device.

End words

PDF conversion to editable formats has become common and very important because of different reasons already known to you. If you want to convert a PDF file to Word or text without tampering with its format and structure then the best way is to use the online PDF converter apps. The converter applications can help you with batch and partial conversions. The best thing about using online PDF to Word converters for making editable files is that they are free and extremely easy to use. You don’t have to get a computer system to convert PDF files anymore if you have installed the best PDF converter app on your mobile!

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