How to Hide Snapchat Score in 2023? (Step By Step Guide)

Wondering how to hide snapchat score? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. Without any doubt, Snapchat is a fast and fun way to share the moment with your friends and family.

However, as a Snapchat user, you might have noticed that when you click on your profile, you see a number underneath your name and avatar.

Even, you can also see a similar number underneath your friend’s name and avatar when you click on their profile.

So what is this number all about? Well, the number represents your Snap score. Snap score is an indication of how active and how social you are on Snapchat.

Although there is no actual use of it for anything – it’s purely cosmetic – but raising it can be fun.

Snapchat counts your Snap score by considering the following things:

  • How many Snaps you’ve sent and received
  • How many Stories you’ve viewed and posted
  • How many Discover videos you’ve watched
  • How many friends you have

You’ll also get bonus points for sending Snaps to multiple people at once, and for keeping up Snapchat Streaks by sending Snaps to your friends every day.

Since the snap score represents your activity, if you want to stop someone from stalking you, you would want to hide the snap score.

So Let’s see how to hide Snapchat score:

Who can view your Snap score?

Only users that you have added as a friend and have added you as a friend can see your Snapchat score.

If you added someone as a friend and didn’t add you back, they won’t see your Snapchat score.

Similarly, if someone adds you as a friend but you didn’t add them back, you cannot see their Snapchat score.

In order to see someone’s snap score, both parties need to add each other as friends on Snapchat. Otherwise, both parties won’t be able to see each other’s scores.

If someone were to just search for your name, they wouldn’t be able to view the score. So you need not worry about a stranger finding out your snap score.

How To Hide Snapchat Score?

As discussed earlier, your snap score is only visible to those who you have added as friends on Snapchat and they have added you as a friend as well.

Now in order to hide Snap score, what you need to do is remove them from your friend list on Snapchat. Unfortunately, there is no privacy setting that can hide your snap score. 

In order to do that, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open Snapchat and go to your chat list. It is listed in the second icon from the left on the bottom navigation bar.

Step 2: Once you have opened the chat list, Find the user that you want to hide your snap score from, You can use the search function at the top-left corner of your screen and search for the username of the person who you want to hide your snap score from. 

Step3: Once you are in their profile, if you can’t see their snap score be rest assured, they can’t see your snap score either but if their snap score is visible to you, you need to remove them as friends. 

Step4: Click on the three dots at the top right corner, you will see the option remove friend, click on it.

Once clicked, they will be removed and hence that way you will be able to hide your snap score for them. Alternatively, you can also block them by doing that, they will not be able to see your profile on Snapchat altogether. 


So that was all about how to hide Snapchat score. Now go ahead and follow the above steps and see if that works for you. Also, if there is anything else you would want to ask, feel free to drop a comment below.

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